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Product update: Preview your posts in your publishing calendar

We've improved the way the publishing calendar allows you to see previews for your scheduled content. Easier, slicker and more intuitive
Updated on Wednesday 14, Feb 2018

In an effort to make using the publishing calendar more intuitive and easier, we've updated the way you can see exactly what content is scheduled to be posted.

screencast 2018-02-01 18-09-25 2

Previously you had to click on the scheduled post to see the full details on the post. Although this worked, from a UX perspective it wasn't great. For customers who have a lot of items in the calendar, clicking through each item was long winded.

We've updated the experience by having the preview automatically appear as a tooltip when you hover over an item in the calendar. This eliminates the extra click, and makes the experience more clean.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 14.07.03

Happy days! We've got more features planned in the future. Let us know how you're using Resurface for your social media content marketing!