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Twitter update: content recycling is dead, long live content recycling

Twitter has updated their terms of service to prevent bots from spamming their platform. We discuss what the new rules are, and how they affect you
Updated on Wednesday 28, Mar 2018

Back in february 2018, Twitter announced that they would be updating their terms of service to combat abuse of their platform. The aim of the update is to prevent bots from spreading spam on Twitter's platform.

We think this is a great idea! The new rules went into effect on March 23rd 2018. At Resurface we've already updated our app to comply with Twitter's new rules, which means your account is already in compliance.

So what are the new rules at Twitter:

  • No duplicate content can be posted to multiple profiles at the same time.
  • No content can be posted to the same account multiple times, duplicate content is not allowed.

How does this affect you?

From March 23rd, we've updated the way content is automatically reposted to your Twitter profile. Instead of creating a new post, we'll automatically retweet your original post, which will bump it to the top of your feed.

So to your followers, they'll see a retweet rather than a new post, but nevertheless they'll see your original posts.

This is in line with Twitter's recommendation that you retweet your original post, rather than creating a duplicate new one.

What do I need to do?

Nothing. Your account has already been upgraded! We'll automatically retweet your original post.