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Resurface is a suite of tools to help you manage and automate your social media marketing

Suited for professional bloggers, digital marketers and growth hackers who rely on using their social media profiles to market their content

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The Resurface Blog

Twitter has updated their terms of service to prevent bots from spamming their platform. We discuss what the new rules are, and how they affect you
One big component of inbound marketing is creating content. We're going to focus on creating evergreen content - stuff that is relevant today and will be relevant a year down the line.
We've improved the way the publishing calendar allows you to see previews for your scheduled content. Easier, slicker and more intuitive
Automate your #TGIF posts on Twitter. Super easy way to push content onto your Twitter profile without having to schedule posts every week.
We've released a new feature allowing you to import content from RSS feeds into your social media profiles